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Evaluating exhaust gazes during preventive maintenance of your propane driven lift trucks

Preventing workplace accidents and occupational injury & disease.

Problems arising from carbon monoxide (CO) exposure in the workplace is a source of preoccupation for occupational health and safety professionals in Quebec. This clear and odorless gas is often the cause of occupational exposure, leading in turn to potentially severe intoxication. Mechanics carrying out maintenance activities on propane driven lift trucks are at risk such occupational exposure.

Propane is a clean-burning, high-energy alternative fuel that’s been used for decades to power light-, medium- and heavy-duty propane vehicles. Lift trucks that are driven by propane must be carefully tuned in order to be safe and to provide optimal performance. Carrying out a so-called “four gas analysis” for which our analyzer produces a printed report, enables your staff to carry out the necessary adjustments as required by air quality norms issued by the CSST.

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